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 This Website is being brought to you by Pocono Mountain Lakes Realty, Your Pocono Mountain Real Estate Professionals Who Offer "Old Fashioned Hands on Service With Todays Modern Technology"

The purpose of this site is two fold. It is designed to offer information on the various communities that help make up our Pocono Mountains and it is set up for folks to be able to find homes currently on the market in those various communities.

Each community has its own page on the side menu tabs. for example if you click on the Arrowhead Lakes tab on the right you will not only find information on that particular community but you will also be able to click a link and view all homes currently on the market in Arrowhead Lakes. Each additional page will operate the same way!

We hope that it helps to familiarize a potential buyer to a particular community and based on what that community has to offer and what the buyer is looking for.

When browsing homes in these different Pocono Lake Communities you will be allowed to create for yourself a 
FREE PORTAL by clicking on the little faces on the left. The nice thing about the portal is that once created it allows the user to put various homes they see into a 'favorite' cart, a 'possibility' cart and a 'reject' cart. When you find yourself browsing at hundreds of homes this service really comes in handy for easily referring back to the homes of most interest to you!
Have Fun browsing our site and I Sincerely Hope that you will visit us regularly. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for folks who live far away to use us as their "Virtual Window" to the Pocono Mountains of Northeast PA.

If you have any questions about Buying, Selling or Renting in the Pocono Mountains please feel free to give us a call at 570 234 0633! 

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